Two Georgian judokas in World Championships Cadets’ finals [VIDEO]

The International Judo Federation said the last final of the day was a Georgian party between two friends Irakli Demetrashvili and Giga Tatiashvili. Photo: Di Feliciantonio Emanuele, 28 Sep 2019 - 19:59, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian judoka Irakli Demetrashvili won gold in the +90kg category, defeating another Georgian judoka Giga Tatiashvili at the world championship in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

Watch the video of the finals released by IJF:

International Judo Federation (IJF) wrote on its webpage that “the last final of the day was a Georgian party between two friends”.

Demetrashvili was fit from the very first match on and became the executioner of the two Russians competing in the category”, IJF stated.

Tatiashvili respected his own status. He is the world number two and defeated Japan, one of the biggest favorites Sugawara Mitsuki in the semifinals”, it added.

Irakli Demetrashvili. Photo: Di Feliciantonio Emanuele

Noting that “Georgia is a small country but a great nation of judo”, IFJ underscored that “these two young men showed that the future will be bright for the Georgian team”. 

However, it said, “this time, the glory was on Demetrashvili’s side, who scored waza-ari in the golden score”.