European model of education – the future of high quality education in Georgia

The new city of education and science is being built in Tbilisi, on the area of Didi Digomi District. Photo: The Ministry of Education, 18 Sep 2019 - 18:13, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Ministry of Education has presented a report on the past year’s education reforms and opened the Science and Innovation Festival on September 16.

Batiashvili also discussed the ministry’s future plans to reform education in the country.

Batiashvili stressed the importance of implementing a European model in the entire education system, including school safety, infrastructure and access to vocational education.

The past year has been a special one in terms of technology. We were able to set up wireless internet in about 400 schools of Georgia. We are proud of the fact that schools have been provided improved computers that will serve the new generation for several years.

Last year we promised and we have already opened a new platform,, a digital library. As of today, this site has uploaded up to 10,000 texts. All the materials will be accessible and free to any pupil and student”, Mikheil Batiashvili said.

70 new schools are planned to be built throughout Georgia By 2020. Photo:The ministry of Education

The one year summary report mentioned the following achievements and future plans in the field of education:

  • The salaries of school officers increased by 250 GEL in 2019
  • More than 550 school officers were retrained and their salaries increased by 150 GEL
  • Psycho-social service centers had been introduced in all regions since 2019      
  • All public schools were equipped with surveillance cameras. 
  • Textbooks were translated for Azerbaijani, Armenian and Russian Primary school pupils.
  • Georgian iconic schoolbook Deda Ena (literally ‘Mother Language’) authored by Georgian writer, publicist and teacher Iakob Gogebashvili was published and presented to all first graders.
  • 32 new schools were built in Tbilisi and regions
  • More than 700 public schools were rehabilitated
  • 70 new schools are planned to be built throughout Georgia by 2020
  • An ‘education and science city’, being built in Tbilisi which will have a secondary school, a high tech college for vocational education and an art college

Minister Batiashvili said that one of the main achievements of Georgian educational reform is that the National Center for Educational Quality was accredited by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) in 2018, which means that Georgian diplomas in medicine are now recognised in Europe.