US diplomat, former adventure guide in Alaska, shares his ‘amazing fishing experience’ in Georgia

US Diplomat Jason Kalbfleisch writes that he cannot wait to return to Georgia. Photo: US Embassy to Georgia., 23 Jul 2019 - 12:09, Tbilisi,Georgia

Foreign service officer and former adventure guide in Alaska, Jason Kalbfleisch, has posted about his amazing time spent in Georgia and invited people to spend their summer in the county.

The US embassy to Georgia cites Kalbfleisch as saying that he has had amazing fishing experiences all over the world.

While fishing in western Georgia. Photo: US embassy Tbilisi.

Fly fishing in Western Georgia (a fisherman never tells exactly where) is as good as it gets. The incredible mountain scenery, beautiful river, and knowledgeable and friendly Georgian guide was enough to get me ‘hooked on fishing in Georgia,” he says.

Kalbfleisch writes that plentiful and beautiful brown trout kept their lines tight throughout the day and into the evening when their Georgian hosts took over to ply them with wine, ‘overfeed us on Adjarian dishes and tell us about their project to rehabilitate the river into a world-class fishery.’

 I caught and released over 35 trout in three days of fishing, and I cannot wait to return to catch them again and again,” he said.

Acting US Ambassador Elizabeth Rood has earlier urged people to spend summer in Georgia.

Why you have to travel to Georgia this summer? Follow Elizabeth Rood Chargé d'Affaires US Embassy in Georgia, in her extreme adventure.

The campaign #SpendYourSummerInGeorgia has been launched after Russia’s ban on direct flights to Georgia earlier in the month.

Rood said that Georgia is a safe country and Russia should remove the ban on direct flights to Georgia.

She stated that measures taken against Georgia amid anti-occupation rallies in Tbilisi were “disproportionate.”