Authentic Georgian wine cellar opens at Plumpton Wine University in Sussex

The two-storey marani has already produced 800-900 bottles of Georgian qvevri wine. Photo:, 17 Jul 2019 - 18:42, Tbilisi,Georgia

A small Georgian marani, or wine cellar, has been opened at the Plumpton Wine University in Sussex, England which allows students to learn about the history of Georgian winemaking and the methods involved in producing Georigan wine. 

The two-storey marani has already produced 800-900 bottles of Georgian qvevri wine. Qvevri is a traditional Georgian vessel used for making, ageing and storing wine. The technique is 8,000 years old, and has a unique and unbroken tradition in Georgia.

Head of marketing department at the National Wine Agency of Georgia Irakli Cholobargia told that England is one of the strategic markets for Georgian wine exports and the promotion of Georgian wine there is very important.

Interest towards qvevri wine is growing in England. Last year 10 students visited Georgia and they were impressed by qvevri winemaking traditions. Also, English businessmen have showed an interest to start producing wine with the qvevri method. This has encouraged all of us to open the Georgian marani at Plumpton Wine University. They made wine with local grapes in a Georgian wine cellar”, he said.

Screenshot from Henry's Marani website. 

Furthermore, qvevri wine has been added to the curriculum of the Plumpton Wine University.

Students of Plumpton’s famous wine-making faculty are able to benefit from the marani, and the wine produced is sold both on-site and on-line.

The Georgian marani also offers tours and tastings where people can sample and buy the wines made using this 8,000 year old Georgian technology, now fully embraced by a new generation of wine-making students in a little corner of rural England.

The marani was opened at the university thanks to a successful collaboration between wine importer Henry Mchedlishvili, Plumpton University, the Georgian National Wine Agency, and the British Georgian Chamber of Commerce.