Number of Georgian asylum seekers in Germany decreased by almost 27%

4,265 Georgians requested asylum in Germany in 2018. Photo: berlin-welcomecard., 10 May 2019 - 15:42, Tbilisi,Georgia

The number of Georgian asylum seekers has been decreased in Germany by 26.5 per cent, officials figures read.

The German migration service reports that 1,628 Georgian nationals requested asylum in Germany between January and March of 2019, while the figure stood at 2,215 in the same period of the last year.

3,462 Georgians requested asylum in Germany in 2017. The figure was 4,265 in 2018.

The German parliament declared Georgia as a safe country last year, which means that no one is politically prosecuted in Georgia and chances are very low for Georgians to receive an asylum in Germany.

The Georgian government provided restrictions last year to combat the illegal migration of Georgians to the EU to preserve the EU-Georgia visa free deal signed in 2017.