2nd International Qvevri Wine Competition held in Tbilisi

The major purpose of the competition is to introduce the best qvevri wines to the world. Photo: Georgian Wine Agency
Agenda.ge, 07 May 2018 - 13:01, Tbilisi,Georgia

National and international judges have assessed almost 200 samples of Georgian qvevri wine produced by 70 companies from 3-6 May in Tbilisi.

The major purpose of the competition, which is organized by the Georgian Wine Association with the support of the National Wine Agency, is to introduce the best qvevri wines to the world, to encourage the production and consumption of qvevri wines, as well as increase awareness of qvevri wines produced in different countries.

"It was wonderful to see how the wine quality has improved. We can clearly see how dedicated Georgian winemakers are to make their wine coincide with international standards and ensure that they are listed among the world’s best wines,” Master of Wine and one of the invited judges Lisa Granick said at the event.

After the judges have tasted all the samples the winners will be revealed next month. The competition was open exclusively to qvevri wine producers from all countries and wine regions in the world.

The 1st International Qvevri Wine Competition was successfully launched in September 2017 during the 4th International Qvevri Wine Symposium in Georgia.

After the first symposium, in 2013 Georgian qvevri winemaking method was recognized and listed in Intangible Cultural Heritage Monuments by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).