Prosecutor’s Office addresses court to reopen political prisoner case

Thousands of people have addressed Georgia’s Chief Prosecutor’s Office to re-investigate their case since 2012. Photo: Prosecutor’s Office press service., 03 May 2018 - 17:05, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s Chief Prosecutor’s Office has addressed the Court of Appeals of Georgia to reopen the case of political prisoner Simon Tsuriashvili, due to new evidence.

Tsuriashvili was sentenced to eight years and five months in prison under the United National Movement leadership in 2008 and left prison only in 2013, under the Georgian Dream leadership as a political prisoner.

The Prosecutor’s Office stated that the individual supported the opposition during the 2007-2008 rallies against the government and transported opposition members with his own car.

The Prosecutor’s Office says that to stop the man from assisting the opposition, weapons were planted in his car and house and was detained and sentenced for illegal weapons possession. 

The Prosecutor’s Office also addressed the court to recheck the Korneli Kukuladze’s case, who was detained in 2006 for fraudulence.

The Prosecutor’s Office stated that the man legally owned 19,5 hectare of land  in Lanchkhuti region, in the west Georgia.

"The United National Movement government was interested in the land and accused Kukuladze  of the  illegal appropriation of the land plot.

He was forced to confess and gift 6 hectares of land to the state. Only after he was released on bail,” the Prosecutor’s  Office says.

Kukuladze is now deceased and his son is fighting to establish the truth.

After the appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office the court has already announced Georgian citizen Giorgi Oniani innocent, who was detained in 2011 for fraudulence.

The Prosecutor’s Office says that the government was interested in the land plot owned by the man and forced him to gift 228 hectare of land to state.

The Prosecutor’s Office has already addressed the court to reopen 58 cases.  People with the status of political prisoner are involved in 13 cases out of 58.