Prized authors, Georgian poet leagues to celebrate Tbilisi Literature Fest

Muenster International Poetry Prize-winning American poet Charles Bernstein. Photo: Tbilisi International Festival of Literature., 03 May 2018 - 16:50, Tbilisi,Georgia

Dozens of internationally recognised authors will be in Tbilisi later this month to celebrate the art of the written and spoken word at the Tbilisi International Festival of Literature.

From award-winning American poet Charles Bernstein to internationally translated Spanish artist Yolanda Castano and their Georgian counterparts, the festival is set to bring a diverse selection of literary names to its audience starting May 14.

In its complete program, the event will host meetings and reading of works by 24 participants from Middle East, western and eastern Europe, South Caucasus and South America.

Poet and translator Halyna Kruk will be among guests travelling to the festival from eastern Europe. Photo: Tbilisi International Festival of Literature.

Bernstein and Castano will be joined in the roster of widely known authors by poet and translator Halyna Kruk from Ukraine and Paris-based Syrian writer and journalist Salwa Al Neimi.

Organisers of the festival are in the process of announcing the full roster of visiting participants in the run-up to the event, however they have already confirmed over a dozen names for its 4th edition.

In addition, the annual celebration of literary art will feature five poetry leagues from Georgia, in a move aimed at marking a centuries-old tradition of poet communities in Georgia, united by era or their work.

Oslo-born children's author Arne Svingen, invited by organisers to Tbilisi. Photo: Tbilisi International Festival of Literature.

Meetings and talks within the festival will be held in capital Tbilisi as well as the city of Telavi in Georgia’s picturesque winemaking province of Kakheti in country’s east.

Launched in 2015, the Tbilisi International Festival of Literature is seen by organisers as a "platform between Georgian and international authors and humanists”.

Prominent authors including Keats Memorial Prize-winning British poet Richard Berengarten and German Literary Prize-winning writer Ulla Lenze were participants of last year’s event.

The 2018 festival will run between May 14-19.