See works by major 20th century Georgian artists at historical chateau

A painting by Kirill Zdanevich, titled 'Mountains'. Photo: Baia Gallery., 13 Apr 2018 - 17:18, Tbilisi,Georgia

If you are looking to spend the coming Sunday in a picturesque countryside location for a display of works by celebrated early 20th century Georgian artists, the Aleksandre Chavchavadze Museum in Tsinandali is the venue to head to.

The 19th century chateau, located in the village of the winemaking Kakheti province in the east, will host visitors looking to learn more about the ties between painters Niko Pirosmani, Kirill Zdanevich and Ilia Zdanevich.

Seen as three of the most recognised names from the Georgian art of the era, the three creatives were bound with their work since the previously unknown primitivist painter Pirosmani (born Pirosmanashvili) was brought to a wider audience by the Zdanevich brothers.

Niko Pirosmani's pre-1919 painting 'A nature morte with a Loaf of Sugar'. Photo: Baia Gallery.

The Zdanevich brothers, in the vanguard of the [artistic] developments of the beginning of the century, directed the cultural migration taking place in the Georgian art of the era”.
Starting with their discovery of Pirosmani, [the newly unveiled painter] can be seen featured in archives, publications and paintings by [the two brothers], following their life and work like a deep current”, says a preview for the display.

Organisers said the exhibition would aim to present the three personalities whose life and work is "encompassed by the world and emotional intonation of Pirosmani”, and thus "continue the century-old relationship” with the event.

Works selected by curators Tatia Ghvineria and Baia Tsikoridze will include the Pirosmani painting A nature morte with a Loaf of Sugar from the Mirzaani Niko Pirosmanashvili State Museum.

The exhibition will aim to mark ties between work of the three artists. Photo: Baia Gallery.

The exhibits will also feature drawings in colour by Kirill Zdanevich, presented from private collections by Baia Gallery, and an illustration created for a publication by Ilia Zdanevich.

The Tsinandali chateau is a historical venue where the notable 19th Century Georgian poet and public figure Aleksandre Chavchavadze resided.

Later transformed into a museum it has welcomed visitors to various exhibitions since 1947.