Georgia, Iran agree to refine visa free deal

  • A meeting with the Iranian delegation in Georgia was held in Tbilisi to discuss the issue. Photo: Foreign Ministry press office., 25 Dec 2018 - 18:49, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia and Iran have agreed to refine provisions in the Georgia-Iran visa free deal to decrease the cases of misusing the agreement, the Georgian Foreign Ministry reported.

The announcement came after today’s meeting of Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksandre Khvtisiashvili with the ambassador of Iran to Georgia and the representatives of the Iranian delegation chaired by the head of the consular department of the Foreign Ministry of Iran.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry reported that the issues [when Iranian citizens violated border-crossing rules] were frequently due to “a lack of necessary information” of Iranian citizens crossing into Georgia, and stated there was a need for an information campaign for Iranian citizens regarding the Georgia-Iran visa free agreement.

It has been agreed with the representation of Iran that through the cooperation with the Georgia government, information materials will be made regarding the crossing of the Georgian border, regulations concerning business activities, medical treatment or receiving an education in Georgia. The Iranian government will spread the information via appropriate state agencies and organisations,” the Georgian Foreign Ministry says.

Georgia and Iran signed a visa-free agreement in November 2010  and the deal came into force in January 2011 which allowed visa-free travel for up to 45 days for both Georgian and Iranian citizens.

The deal was temporarily suspended in 2013 and was restored in 2016.