Georgian Defence Minister leaves for France to sign a new deal on purchase of air-defence systems

  • Defence Minister Levan Izoria did not provide details about the anti-air systems Georgia intends to buy. Photo: Defence Ministry press office., 6 Dec 2018 - 12:13, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Defence Minister will leave for France tomorrow to sign a new deal with the country for the purchase of air-defence systems.

Izoria stated today that the Defence Ministry budget was increased by 20 per cent this year, which provides the opportunities to sign one more deal with France regarding the systems which will boost Georgia’s self-defense capabilities.

 At the beginning of the year we purchased anti-tank systems [from US]. Now I am leaving for France to sign a new deal about the anti-air systems as this is one of the priority directions for the ministry. We have already received the first wave of anti-air systems and made them active,” Izoria said.

The minister also spoke about the activities carried out by his body in 2018. He stated that:

  • This year the Georgian Defence Readiness Program was launched.
  • A new military readiness center was built.
  • A new military hospital was built in western Georgia.
  • Salaries were increased for 2,500 servicemen and the process will continue until 2020 and cover 10,000 soldiers.
  • Speaking about future goals Izoria stated that the next year NATO-Georgia joint drills will be conducted.