Ireland adopts resolution on Georgia’s territorial integrity and EU integration

The Irish resolution condemned Russia’s illegal actions in Georgia and called upon Russia to withdraw from Georgian territory.Photo:, 08 Nov 2018 - 13:52, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Senate of Ireland has adopted a resolution on support for the territorial integrity of Georgia and its integration into the European Union.

The resolution was adopted  unanimously yesterday.

In the resolution Ireland reaffirms its unwavering support for Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders and calls upon Russia to fulfill  the 2008 ceasefire agreement with Georgia and withdraw its troops from Georgian territory.

The resolution expresses concern that 10 years after the Russia-Georgia war the occupation of the Georgian regions of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali  by Russian still continues and the security, human rights and humanitarian situation on the ground has deteriorated further.

The document shows its support for the Geneva International Discussions on Georgian conflict issues and welcomes the adoption of the Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili list by the Georgian parliament, which sanctions individuals who have violated the rights of Georgian citizens in the occupied regions since the 1990s.

The resolution calls upon the Irish government to impose restrictive measures on the individuals included in the list,” the Georgian Foreign Ministry says.

The Senate welcomed the policy of the government of Georgia towards peaceful conflict resolution and supports Georgia’s new peace initiative “A Step to a Better Future” aimed at improving the humanitarian and socio-economic conditions of people residing in the Georgian regions of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali.

A separate paragraph in the resolution is devoted to Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration process.

The Senate, in particular, welcomes Georgia’s “substantial progress” on its EU integration path, including the successful implementation of the Association Agreement, and notes that the abolishment of visa requirements for Georgian citizens stands out as an important milestone achieved on the EU-Georgia cooperation agenda.