UPDATED: Flood situation in western Georgia stable, no casualties

There are no threats for population in any municipality, Emergency Management Service said. Photo: Emergency Management Service
Agenda.ge, 11 Aug 2018 - 10:46, Tbilisi,Georgia

Updated: August 11, 10:46

The high water level caused by recent flooding in Adjara and Samegrelo has been steadily decreasing as of this morning. 

There are no threats to the population in any municipality, the Emergency Management Service said recently.

Dozens of houses have been flooded in the coastal city of Batumi, as well as in some parts of Samegrelo region.

25 families have been evacuated from two villages of Abasha municipality to prevent possible danger risks as the level of water in the river Abashistskali has dramatically increased for some time now. 

Dozens of houses have been flooded Batumi and some parts of Samegrelo yesterday. Photo: Emergency Management Service

Also, there has been a risk that the river Chaladidi could break through the dam in Senaki municipality but the Emergency Management Service has reported that the water level has decreased and the threat dissipated later  that night. 

Despite that, employees of the service have been monitoring the water level in Chaladidi river throughout the night. Rescuers, police and representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development have also been at the scene to react immediately upon necessity.

One bridge, roads, lands and homes have been damaged as a result of flooding in Senaki. 

Specialists from the Ministry of Infrastructure have started studying the situation in order to come up with a response.

Earlier: August 10, 14:02

Heavy rain has caused flooding in Georgia’s western Adjara and Samegrelo regions today. 

Dozens of houses have been flooded in the coastal town of Batumi, with several residents using surfboards on the streets to move.

The Georgian Emergency Management Service says that that have received 80 calls from Batumi regarding the flood and 36 from another coastal town, Kobuleti.

Video: Batumelebi.ge. 

No one has been reported injured. Water is being pumped out by the Emergency Management staff.

The Chakvi section of the Kobuleti-Batumi road has been flooded and traffic has been slowed. 

Heavy rain has not stopped in the Samegrelo region, where houses and roads have been flooded in the Zugdidi, Senaki, Abasha, Khobi and Martvili districts. 

Local municipalities report that several rivers have swelled up in the Samegrelo region. However, locals are not at risk.