Author Mari Bekauri’s Novel of the Year-nominated work to be translated into Swedish

Author Mari Bekauri is among five nominees for Novel of the Year Award for ‘Anna’s Moment’. Photo: Sulakauri Publishing., 02 Aug 2018 - 18:41, Tbilisi,Georgia

Readers in Sweden will soon have an acclaimed novel by young author Mari Bekauri for their reading pleasure, after the selection of Anna’s Moment for publishing in Swedish.

The 2017 novel, selected among nominees for Novel of the Year Award in Georgia’s annual Saba Literary Prize, has been picked by a publishing house in Sweden to be made available to book enthusiasts in the country.

Its printing in Swedish will introduce new readers to the story of Anna Nakashidze, a writer who experiences a loss of memory and then disappears in the midst of medical treatment.

The cover of the Georgian edition of ‘Anna’s Moment’. Photo: Sulakauri Publishing.

The strange story gradually increases in scale, crossing the country’s borders and serving as a catalyst for a great unrest until it brings the entire world together in a demand for finding out the truth”, said a summary for the book from Saba.

Published in Georgia by Sulakauri Publishing House, the novel’s inclusion among the five nominees of the 2018 prize was announced on Tuesday.

It will be presented as a nominee at the awards ceremony during this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, the most prestigious book event across the world, in October.

Bekauri’s works have been featured in the 15 Novels of the Year collections in Georgia seven times, with four of her stories translated into six languages.

She has worked as literary critic, journalist and screenwriter and participated in the international literary We-Women Project aiming to promote women’s roles throughout the world.