Georgia celebrates Easter today

The Orthodox world is celebrating Easter today, April 17 this year. Photo by the PM's press office., 16 Apr 2017 - 11:24, Tbilisi,Georgia

Orthodox Christians in Georgia and the rest of the world are celebrating the most significant date in the religious calendar – Easter.

This year the Orthodox Christian Church and the Roman Catholic Church are celebrating Easter on the same day. The next time when the two Churches share Easter celebrations will not occur until 2025.

The bells in Georgian churches were ringing loudly around the country last midnight calling believers to attend the holy liturgy and celebrate Easter.

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The festive service started at 11 p.m. and continued until the early hours of this morning, during which clergy and parishioners with icons, crosses and candles walked around the church chanting.

The festive service started at 11pm and continued until the early hours of this morning. Photo by the PM's press office.

Those who attended the holy liturgy received the Holy Fire which was brought from Jerusalem to Georgia by a charter flight at 23:30.

The Easter Eve liturgy marked the end of 48 days of fasting, which started on March 14.

The Holy Bible says Jesus Christ gave his life to pay for the sins of the people and rose on the third day.

Traditionally, Georgians dye boiled eggs red during Easter festivities and bake a special sweet cake with raisins, called paska.

Good Friday, Easter Sunday and the day after Easter Sunday are public holidays in Georgia.