Georgian director succeeds at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

  • Mariam Khachvani's Dede has received a prize at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Photo from Mariam Khachvani/Facebook, 9 Jul 2017 - 01:01, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian director Mariam Khatchvani has triumphed at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival with her new feature film Dede.

The film succeeded at the East of the West Competition of the festival bringing Khatchvani her first international recognition for the new release.

I want to thank the festival, our supporters, especially my amazing team that has helped me finish the film. I love you very much. I sincerely thank you”, Khatchvani posted on her Facebook page.

The film features local Svanuri language throughout its scenes shot in Ushguli, a community of highland villages where film-maker Khatchvani was born.

The film director graduated from the Georgian State University of Theatre and Film and after directing a number of short documentaries. Her first short feature film Dinola was released by Tbilisi-based 20 Steps Productions, who also produced Dede.

The full-length production is also jointly supported by the Georgian National Film Centre, the Doha Film Institute and the Sundance Film Festival.