Austrian experts evaluate flood risks in capital Tbilisi

Austrian specialists are in Georgia to evaluate flood risks in capital Tbilisi. Photo by N.Alavidze/, 19 Apr 2016 - 16:26, Tbilisi,Georgia

Austrian experts arrived in Georgia today to study the risk of future flooding in capital Tbilisi – 10 months on from the deadly flood that ravaged Tbilisi and left hundreds homeless.

The experts were invited by Georgia’s Minister of Environment to evaluate the flood risks in the basins of three tributaries of the Mtkvari River in the capital city.

The experts were welcomed to remain in Georgia for the duration of their research on the rivers Tsavkisistskali, Digmiskhevi and Khevdzmara. 

It is understood the Austrian experts will survey the area, identify the at-risk areas of the river basins and offer recommendations to prevent loss of life or damage to infrastructure in future.

Georgia’s Environment Minister Gigla Agulashvili (L) said Georgia could benefit from foreign experience to reduce the risk of flooding in the capital city. Photo by the Ministry of Environment of Georgia. 

Minister Agulashvili said these types of studies were necessary as they helped mitigate the risks of future disasters, and allowed the city to be better prepared for such instances.

The research comes almost a year after a deadly flood struck Tbilisi overnight on June 13 last year, in which 19 people died, dozens of Tbilisi Zoo animals were killed or injured and damage to infrastructure amounted to more than $50 million USD. 

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