Georgia’s top female skier Nino Tsiklauri wins FIS Giant Slalom race in Japan

Georgian skier Nino Tsiklauri raced in her third Giant Slalom race of the new season in Japan. Photo from Nino Tsiklauri/Facebook., 15 Mar 2016 - 18:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia's top female skier Nino Tsiklauri is making a strong comeback from injury in the new competitive season by gaining the best time in a Giant Slalom race in Japan's Honokidaira winter resort.

Today Tsiklauri highlighted her resurgent form by sharing first place with Japan's Sakurako Mukogawa at the end of two timed runs of the official International Ski Federation (FIS) race.

The Georgian skier finished ahead of her rival in the first run but conceded the best time on her second attempt.

With the same combined time of 2:22:63, the two athletes were jointly ranked top of the contest.

Today Tsiklauri claimed her career-best FIS points by winning a race at Japan's Honokidaira winter resort. Photo from Nino Tsiklauri/Facebook.

Tsiklauri’s result saw her place ahead of 97 competitors in the event.

Local Japanese skiers made up most of the list, with only five contestants from other countries featuring in the race.

This was Tsiklauri’s third Giant Slalom race of the 2016 season and she shared her delight by achieving her "career best" Giant Slalom points with her social network followers.

Thanks to everyone for help and believing in me! Especially my amazing coach Nicola Paulonn," the newly crowned winner told her online fans.

Tsiklauri is returning to top form after receiving an injury last season. Earlier this month she raced her first event of the season at the FIS Far East Cup category in Japan.

The Far East Cup and today's FIS Race in Honokidaira were her first competitive appearances this season after the skier missed most of last season due to injury.

See full results of the Giant Slalom race in Honokidaira on the official FIS website here.