Georgian star Maia Makhateli shines as Mata Hari at Dutch National Ballet world premiere

Dutch National Ballet principal Maia Makhateli rehearses in a studio. Photo by Altin Kaftira., 02 Feb 2016 - 14:24, Tbilisi,Georgia

Award-winning Georgian dancer and Dutch National Ballet principal Maia Makhateli will perform the role of the mysterious World War I spy Mata Hari in a world premiere of a new ballet about the historical figure.

Makhateli and three other principal dancers of the Dutch National Ballet were selected to headline the month-long performances of the ballet Mata Hari.

The new production, directed by choreographer Ted Brandsen, has already proved intriguing for its performers, with Makhateli telling reporters she looked forward to performing the role.

Makhateli will alternate the lead role with Anna Tsygankova, Igone de Jongh and either Anna Ol or Sasha Mukhamedov for the February 6-26 performances at the Dutch National Opera and Ballet theatre in Amsterdam.

The Georgian dancer shared a video of her rehearsing on Monday: