Elections 2016: Georgians in Russia can’t vote

  • Russia is where the largest number of Georgian emigrants live. Phto by FOTOLIA
Agenda.ge, 8 Oct 2016 - 12:02, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian citizens living in Russia are not able to cast their vote in Georgia’s Parliamentary Elections today.

No polling stations were opened in Russia for Georgian citizens.

Russia is where the largest number of Georgian emigrants resided. According to 2014 figures from the National Statistics Office of Georgia, more than 19,000 Georgians currently lived in Russia.

Russia and Georgia cut diplomatic ties following the five-day Russia-Georgia war in August 2008.

Meanwhile Georgia opened 55 voting stations in 40 countries across the globe to allow Georgian emigrants to have their say in the elections.

The second largest number of Georgian diaspora settled in Greece. Six voting stations opened in Greece for more than 14,000 Georgian emigrants.

Earlier in the week two polling stations were also opened in Afghanistan for Georgian peacekeepers.

Today Georgian citizens will vote to elect the 150-seat Parliament of Georgia, 77 members through party lists and 73 in the majoritarian districts. However, Georgian citizens abroad will only vote for parties not majoritarian candidates.