Opposition leaders vote in Parliamentary Elections

Free Democrats leader Irakli Alasania arrived in eastern Gori region to vote. Photo by Free Democrats press office.
Agenda.ge, 08 Oct 2016 - 10:18, Tbilisi,Georgia

Several opposition leaders have already voted in Georgia’s Parliamentary Elections. 

Head of opposition party Free Democrats and Georgia’s ex Defence Minister Irakli Alasania visited eastern Gori region this morning to cast his ballot. 

I’m from Gori that’s why I’m here to vote. I voted for a better future, a better Court and a better economy,” Alasania said. 

Other opposition leaders voted in capital Tbilisi. 

One of the leaders of United National Movement (UNM), Georgia’s ex-First Lady Sandra Roelofs, appeared at a polling station with her son Nikoloz Saakashvili. 

I voted for the peaceful political force that will gain victory, do a good job and fulfill all its promises given to people as soon as the elections are over. I am sure everyone will make the right choice,” Roelofs said. 

Parliament Speaker, head of the Republican Party David Usupashvili said the current elections were held with unprecedented freedom. Photo by the Republican Party press office. 

Head of the Republican Party, Parliament Speaker David Usupashvili, voted early this morning with his wife, Georgia’s ex-Defence Minister Tinatin Khidasheli. 

Usupashvili stressed the current elections were being held with "unprecedented freedom” and he urged people to make their free choices. 

I made my choice and I take responsibility for my choice. I wish everyone to make their own free choices and also take responsibility for their decisions. More freedom means more responsibility,” Usupashvili said. 

Head of the election bloc Paata Burchuladze-State for People,Paata Burchuladze, said he voted for Georgians' welfare. Photo by ipress.ge. 

Meanwhile Georgia’s famous opera star Paata Burchuladze who is head of the election bloc Paata Burchuladze-State for People, said he voted for "Georgia’s freedom and fighting against poverty”. 

Today Georgians will vote to elect the 150-seat Parliament of Georgia, 77 members through party lists and 73 in the majoritarian districts. 

19 political parties and 6 election blocs are also running in the race. 

People will also vote to elect lawmakers in the 21-member Supreme Council of Adjara, Georgia’s western Autonomous Republic, in Resix election constituencies, as well as local authorities in some locations, as several local officials had to quit posts for their participation in the elections.