Bad weather causes landslides in Georgia’s western Adjara region

Landslides caused major problems to locals in western Georgian villages. Photo source: Adjara TV, 25 Sep 2016 - 13:59, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s western Adjara region in the Black Sea area is reviewing the damage caused by bad weather last night.

The Adjara region was hit by heavy rain, which caused several landslides and created problems for locals.

Local authorities said the most affected villages were Alambari, Zeda and Kveda Sameba, Kakuti and Kobuleti in Kobuleti municipality. In those areas landslides had occurred very close to residential houses.

The landslides were close to five homes but at this stage there is no necessity to evacuate the families from these houses,” Kobuleti Gamgebeli (local governor) Sulkhan Evgenidze said.

Experts were currently reviewing the area to decide whether these houses could be left or whether more invasive action needed to be taken.

Last night's heavy rain also blocked village roads. Emergency crews spent the night cleaning the affected roads and most were now open.