US Ambassador: “I wish election campaign in US is as good as in Georgia”

US Ambassador to Georgia Ian Kelly said his country was ready to help Georgia address the existing problem related to the leak of personal videos., 21 Sep 2016 - 17:42, Tbilisi,Georgia

"I wish the election campaign to be as good in the United States (US) as it is in Georgia,” says US Ambassador to Georgia Ian Kelly.

Kelly assessed Georgia’s pre-election environment when he spoke on a local television programme today.

He said election campaigning in Georgia was "exemplary” and he hoped it would be just as good in the US for the November Presidential elections.

"I think everyone realises the importance of the [Georgia] elections. It is important for the Georgian nation’s will to be expressed,” said Kelly.

"I can tell you about the ongoing election campaign, that it is very good, exemplary and oriented on concrete issues.”
"There might be several incidents but we have already expressed our position towards this with the Government.”

Georgia's Parliamentary Elections will be held on October 8.