PM on nationwide tour to promote Georgian Dream

PM Giorgi Kvirikashvili meets voters in all parts of Georgia. Photo by the Prime Minister’s webpage., 10 Aug 2016 - 18:50, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Prime Minister of Georgia is travelling around the country to meet the population and share the policies and future plans of the current ruling party, Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia (GDDG).

His nationwide tour comes about eight weeks before the October 8 Parliamentary Elections in Georgia.

Kvirikashvili has already visited Imereti, Samegrelo, Guria, Svaneti and Racha in the west, Shida Kartli, Kvemo Kartli, Kakheti, Mtskheta Mtianeti in the east and Samtskhe Javakheti regions in the south.

At each of these venues Kvirikashvili presented GDDG’s candidates who will run in the upcoming elections, and he also spoke about the party’s completed projects and future intentions if it remained in power.

Prime Minister in Kakheti region. Photo by Prime Minister's webpage. 

He primarily highlighted the good pre-election campaign environment in Georgia, which began on June 8. He said this pre-election period was "vastly different” from the election environment preceding the 2012 Parliamentary Elections where the Georgian Dream (GD) coalition defeated the nine year rule of United National Movement (UNM).

Kvirikashvili said this year’s pre-election environment was "very peaceful and calm” and he promised the elections would be "very transparent and fair”. 

When speaking of the future targets of the GDDG, Kvirikashvili mentioned country’s economic advancement, added support for businesses, developing of infrastructure, reforming the education system to offer a high-level education and supporting employment as the major priorities of the Government and these things would take priority positions in GDDG’s election program. 

Furthermore, protecting human rights remained another the key priority for the current ruling team. 

Prime Minister in Samtskhe-Javakheti region. Photo by Prime Minister's webpage. 

During his meetings in western Racha region and eastern Bakuriani area today, the PM highlighted the importance of developing local infrastructure and of the economic directions the regions could be successful in. 

Kvirikashvili stressed the Government had already began funding the construction of new infrastructure to make Mitarbi and Bakuriani into four-season resorts, which would benefit the local economy and bring more income for locals.

While in Racha Kvirikashvili announced the region’s Ambrolauri airfield will be restored and operating before the end of this year. He also promised roads will be improved to mountainous parts of the country. 

In Racha the PM also met a group from the youth camp and answered their questions about the education prospects and business opportunities for the young generation. 

Prime Minister in Racha, speaking with the youth. Photo by Prime Minister's webpage. 

Meanwhile last week in Samtskhe Janakheti region Kvirikashvili said the Government planned to invest about $13 million to improve the region’s tourist infrastructure. He noted the bordering region could be an important route in the new Silk Road project Georgia strived to be the part of, as the Silk Road meant connecting of Europe and Asia by the fastest route.

We must stand together to create a better future for our children,” said Kvirikahsvili in his address to people in Kakheti region. 

The region is famous for winemaking and this year the Government allocated  $11 million to subsidize the grape harvest. 

Kvirikashvili promised locals the Government would continue to support farmers in their agricultural activities and provide better prospects for them to sell their crops locally and abroad.

Prime Minister in Rustavi, presenting majoritarian candidates. Photo by Prime Minister's webpage. 

As well as this, in Kvemo Kartli Kvirikashvili said: "We will continue all our programs in healthcare, social direction, business and agriculture. We will bring all the launched projects to the end and you will definitely feel the positive results.”

In all of his speeches to people in the region, Kvirikashvili stressed people must not get involved in political speculation discussions.

There is no political force that can solve all the problems people have but I promise that our team will do its best to provide the best opportunities for our people,” said Kvirikashvili while meeting voters in eastern Mtskheta Mtianeti in mid- July. 
We need to respect each other more and have greater respect for each other’s views. We have no right to sacrifice the state interests for private ones,” he told voters in Guria region. 

The current ruling GD coalition was established to defeat UNM in the 2012 Parliamentary Elections. This year the coalition will split and two of the five coalition parties will run separately in the October Parliamentary Elections.

This year GDDG and the Conservative Party  will cooperate  while the Republican Party, Industrialists and the National Forum announced they would run separately. 

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