New Tiflis project: Renovation works reveal interior painting

  • The new painting was discovered during the latest round of renovation works on Aghmashenebeli Ave. Photo from the Tbilisi Development Fund., 12 Jul 2016 - 16:04, Tbilisi,Georgia

Renovation efforts in a residential building on Tbilisi's Aghmashenebeli Ave have led restoration experts to another discovery of a wall painting dating back decades. 

The house at 26 Aghmashenebeli Ave is one of 47 buildings being repaired and renovated under the New Tiflis project, a Governmental initiative for reinvigorating the historic avenue and boosting the capital's tourist potential.

Last month workers removing the upper surface of plain paint from the walls of the building's entrance discovered century-old decorative illustrations and scenes of artwork.

The painting's scene shows a Japanese woman sitting near a stream. Photo from the Tbilisi Development Fund.

Earlier today the Tbilisi Development Fund announced the renovation work had revealed a new piece of art in the house commissioned in 1903 by city resident Giorgi Abuladze.

An image showing a Japanese woman near a stream was found beneath a layer of paint on the third storey of the house's staircase. 

The artwork was created by an unknown professional painter, said experts. The date of the piece was  not immediately clear.

The artwork was discovered in 26 Aghmashenebeli Ave building. Photo from the Tbilisi Development Fund.

The 26 Aghmashenebeli Ave residential house was built in classicist and renaissance architectural styles, with its entrance featuring a ceramic tile floor as well as main door and balconies made of old metal material.

The Tbilisi Development Fund published regular progress reports on the ongoing renovation works, which commenced earlier this year.

Century-old paintings have been discovered in a number of other houses along the street. When renovation works are complete the area is expected to become part of a newly created Tbilisi tourist route.

The house is one of 47 residential buldings being renovated on Aghmashenebeli Ave. Photo from the Tbilisi Development Fund.

The works were aimed at not only repairing and renovating residential space of local citizens but also completely replacing aging water and communication infrastructure. Drainage systems, gas and power networks were being replaced on the street within the large-scale project.

The rehabilitation of houses, yards and infrastructure on Aghmashenebeli Ave within the New Tiflis project is expected to conclude in late 2016.