“Georgia’s justice system requires systemic reform” says President’s Parliamentary Secretary

Anna Dolidze, the President’s Parliamentary Secretary, said Georgia’s High Council of Justice failed to appropriately carry out its duties. Photo by Georgia’s Ministry of Defence.
Agenda.ge, 06 Jul 2016 - 16:23, Tbilisi,Georgia

A high official within the Presidential Administration believes the country’s justice system requires "fundamental reforming” as otherwise the public could lose trust in the country’s justice system.

The new Presidential Parliamentary Secretary and former ex-Deputy Defence Minister, Anna Dolidze, publically said Georgia’s justice system needed to be completely overhauled after meeting with representatives of Georgia’s civil sector at the President’s Administration in Avlabari, Tbilisi.  

Dolidze particularly criticised Georgia’s High Council of Justice, the judiciary body responsible for appointing judges, assessing their qualifications, specifying salaries for court staff and more, and said it failed to appropriately carry out its duties.

The Council has a range of drawbacks, starting from technical shortcomings to wrong management,” said Dolidze.

She then went on to stress the importance of continuing the judicial reform, which launched under the current Government of Georgia. 

Dolidze highlighted Parliament’s role in the fast-adoption of relevant changes. 

Head of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) Anna Natsvlishvili shared Dolidze’s view about the High Council of Justice and said the agency failed to appoint qualified, experienced court staff.

She stressed the justice reform was not just an ordinary reform but a "state-important reform” that could change the country and bring with it huge benefits.