Georgia’s Central Election Commission promises inclusive 2016 elections

Georgia’s deaf population was promised to receive all necessary information about the upcoming Parliamentary elections. Photo by, 24 Jun 2016 - 15:36, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s deaf population and those living with other hearing ailments will be able to make an informed choice at ballot boxes in the upcoming, October 8 Parliamentary Elections.  

Today representatives of Georgia’s Central Election Commission (CEC) met members of the Union of the Deaf of Georgia and told them how the deaf community in Georgia could vote in this year's elections. 

The CEC said all of its informational videos and briefings would be presented in sign language so deaf people and those with hearing problems can get all the information they need about the elections so they can make an informed decision on election day. 

We will also provide visual posters in all elections districts of Georgia that will help people to learn more about the election procedures,” said CEC head Tamar Zhvania. 

Chairperson of the Union of the Deaf of Georgia Amiran Batatunashvili said the innovation was a "big achievement”.