Traveller’s Club of Sweden visits Georgia

Bollywood film producers are visiting Georgia's regions to explore their favourite filming areas. Photo by N. Alaidze/, 04 May 2016 - 16:49, Tbilisi,Georgia

Members of the Traveller’s Club of Sweden are visiting Georgia on a tourist trip to discover the hidden beauty of the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia announced the Traveller’s Club of Sweden will stay in Georgia from May 3-7.

As in other countries under monarchy, clubs in Sweden have long tradition and influence. Members of clubs include the royal family, government members, known public figures, scholars, artists, filmmakers, journalists and businessmen.

While in Georgia the Traveller’s Club members will visit different regions of Georgia. They will visit the Georgian National Museum located in capital Tbilisi. Club members will also learn about Georgian art, culture and the history of Georgian national clothing.

The Swedish guests will participate in winemaking processes and be introduced to the unique traditions of Georgian winemaking.

Meanwhile, the Travellers Club members will also meet Georgia’s Foreign Minister to discuss the Euro integration process of the country.

The trip to Georgia was planned last year when former Georgian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Sweden Konstantine Kavtaradze made a presentation about Georgia at a special evening in Sweden. The presentation showcased all things historical and cultural about his home country.

Kavtaradze spoke about the historic background of Georgia, its language and alphabet and Georgian-Sweden relations during the Viking Age. He also mentioned Georgian wine and its traditions, the country’s wildlife and its tourist potential, as well as Georgia’s occupied territories and relations with Russia.

After the presentation Traveller’s Club members agreed to visit Georgia.