Samsung films commercial at Tbilisi Opera House (VIDEO)

The Samsung S7 Edge commercial, meant for the Vietnamese market, was filmed in the Georgian capital Tbilisi in early march. Photo from, 30 Apr 2016 - 13:36, Tbilisi,Georgia

Samsung - one of the world’s largest companies - has filmed a television advertisement for its newest product in Georgia.

The Samsung S7 Edge commercial, meant for the Vietnamese market, was filmed in Georgia's capital Tbilisi in early March.

It was produced by two companies – Malaysian Playhouse pictures and Georgian Magnet Films.

The main filming location of the commercial was the Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, located in the central city.

In Pictures: Splendour of the renovated Tbilisi Opera House

Since 1896, the Theatre has resided in an exotic neo-Moorish edifice originally constructed by Victor Johann Gottlieb Schroter, a prominent architect of Baltic German origin.

Although definitively Oriental in its decorations and style, the building’s layout, foyers and the main hall are that of a typical European opera house.

Since its foundation the Theatre has been damaged by several fires and underwent major rehabilitation works under Soviet and Georgian leadership; the most recent restoration effort concluded in January 2016, having taken six years and costing approximately 40 million US dollars, donated by a Georgian business foundation.

Earlier this year the Georgian Government announced it would offer financial support to foreign filmmakers in an attempt to attract small and big budget film producers to the country. The Government created top conditions for filmmakers within the project Film in Georgia.