Donetsk youth enjoy brief holiday in Georgia

About 30 children affected by the crisis in Ukraine are welcome to spend brief holiday in Georgia., 19 Mar 2015 - 15:45, Tbilisi,Georgia

Dozens of Ukraine’s youngest citizens are being offered the chance to escape the tension in their home country and enjoy several day in Georgia.

About 30 children from Donetsk Oblast affected by the armed conflict in Ukraine will spend 10 days in Georgia to rest, relax and enjoy the sights and culture Georgia has to offer.

The group will arrive in Georgia on April 15 and stay here for 10 days.

The idea came from Georgia’s Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs David Sergenko and was discussed at today’s Government meeting.

"We are expecting to host 30 young people from Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine [so they can relax] and carry on their psychological rehabilitation,” he said.

"These young people suffered horror and they need our help. Georgia keeps continuing to offer medical and humanitarian aid to Ukraine,” Sergenko said.

A group of Ukrainian children spent time in Georgia last year under the same initiative. About 130 children affected by the crisis in Ukraine spent two weeks in Georgia where they could escape the fighting in their hometowns.

The Georgian Government has already sent more than 1 million GEL of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, consisting of vital medicines, basic first aid items, diabetes medications and vaccines for children.