Georgia analyses honey quality before exporting to EU

Since January 2015 the Ministry of Agriculture laboratory received 102 samples of honey to examine., 26 Sep 2015 - 13:49, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian honey bound for the European Union will undergo a range of quality tests to ensure the product meets high European Union (EU) standards.

From next year Georgian honey will be exported to the EU but before this can happen, the product must undergo strict screening measures to ensure the products don’t contain any residue of antibiotics or pesticides.

Today it was revealed the Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia (LMA) will examine the quality of locally produced honey to ensure it meets high EU standards.

Specifically the LMA will examine whether there is any residue of antibiotics and pesticides in the honey.

The Agriculture Ministry warned producers that all honey bound for export to the EU mist not contain any elements of antibiotics and pesticides.

In recent months and years the Government has put an emphasis on reviving the country’s beekeeping sector. To develop this sector the LMA purchased high-tech equipment that enabled the country to begin conducting thorough examinations of locally-produced honey.

Since January 2015 LMA received 102 samples of honey; of which 47 samples have been examined.