English band Placebo pledges to support Tbilisi flood victims

The world renowned band is performing at the Tbilisi Open Air festival tomorrow.
Agenda.ge, 06 Jul 2015 - 17:41, Tbilisi,Georgia

Prominent English alternative rock band Placebo will contribute to the Tbilisi flood relief fund to help the city recover from the flash flood that struck last month.

The world renowned band is performing at the Tbilisi Open Air festival tomorrow and announced it would donate any money received to those affected by the flood.

Meanwhile donations to rebuild the affected area of Tbilisi have tricked in from around the country and the world.

Official data as of June 29 noted a total of 23,562,002 GEL, $706,553 USD and €13,221 had been donated to accounts set up to fund the relief effort.

The loss inflicted by the disaster was expected to exceed 100 million GEL, said local officials.

The June 13 flood killed 19 people and dozens of animals and destroyed much of the Tbilisi Zoo territory and nearby residences.

In addition, about 400 people from 80 families were affected by the flash flood and have been temporarily placed in hotels and houses. These families have been provided with immediate aid, such as food, first aid, medicine and children's products.

If you wish to donate to the Tbilisi flood relief fund, you can find full details of the donation accounts here.

For more information about the Placebo performance, visit the official website of the Tbilisi Open Air festival.