Flights delayed at Tbilisi International Airport

Flights to Turkey are delayed or cancelled at the Tbilisi International Airport., 30 Mar 2014 - 10:15, Tbilisi,Georgia

Bad weather in the Georgian capital city caused flight delays at Tbilisi International Airport today.

A Pegasus Airline plane was due to land at 3.25am this morning and take off an hour later but this was delayed substantially, with the plane due to arrive at 6.30pm this evening.

This means the return flight to Istanbul will depart at 7.45pm tonight.

Also, a Turkish Airlines flight travelling from Tbilisi to Istanbul has been cancelled due to the strong winds in Tbilisi. It was scheduled to depart at 5.30pm tonight.

The weather conditions in Tbilisi and regions of Georgia worsened overnight. Strong wind, rain and also snowfall in the regions caused damage to houses and power lines.

Weather forecasters have predicted the weather will begin to improve across Georgia on Tuesday.