US Congressmen support Georgia to receive MAP at NATO 2014 summit

US congressmen urged the US to continue its close cooperation with NATO-aspiring countries including Georgia, 10 Feb 2014 - 13:47, Tbilisi,Georgia

A group of US Congressmen have sent a letter asking the US Secretary of State to grant Georgia with a Membership Action Plan (MAP) at the NATO 2014 Summit.

The letter, sent on behalf of 42 US Congressmen to the US Secretary of State John Kerry, welcomed the USA’s efforts to make the NATO 2014 Summit a priority for the alliance’s expansion. It also urged the US to continue its close cooperation with NATO-aspiring countries including Georgia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Central and Eastern European countries.

"We ask for support for Montenegro and Macedonia to join NATO at this year’s Summit, to promote the progress of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the process of implementing NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP) and to grant Georgia the MAP,”|/ the statement read.

MAP is a NATO program of advice, assistance and practical support tailored to the individual needs of countries wishing to join the Alliance. Gaining a MAP does not prejudge any decision by the Alliance on future NATO membership.

In the letter, the Congressmen said that after the end of the Cold War, over the past 25 years a number of East-European countries had managed to gain independence and establish partnerships with America and NATO.

"As a result of joint efforts, often by the leadership of NATO, many initiatives and reforms were carried out, triggering significant economic growth, creation of accountable governance and rule of law for millions of Europeans. NATO, as an alliance and collective security system, became the guarantor of stability in the regions for the last two decades,” the statement said.

"We strongly believe that these countries’
aims of joining NATO will prompt the strengthening of democratic institutions, establishment of democratic values and greater stability and security in the region,” |/the letter stated. 

The US Congressmen believed the USA and its allies had already reached a critical point where it was "necessary to unveil the mechanisms that provide high viable future of NATO” and said the USA "look forward to work with you to ensure the region's other countries gain closer relations with Euro-Atlantic structures and the future membership of the alliance.”

To note, the copy of the official document has not yet been released by Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a result, the quotes provided in this news article have been translated from the official statement in Georgian.