Tonnes of heroin seized in Georgia’s largest drug bust

2 tones and 790 kilograms of the liquid heroing was distributed in the 30 kilogramme barrels., 12 Jul 2014 - 01:14, Tbilisi,Georgia

Almost three tonnes of liquid heroin worth hundreds of millions of dollars has been seized by Georgian police after two men were caught trying to smuggle the drug through Georgia.

Two men, both Georgian citizens, were arrested as they attempted to transport 2.79 tonnes of liquid heroin from Azerbaijan to Turkey.

This is the largest amount of drugs Georgian police have ever seized.

An investigation revealed the drugs came from Azerbaijan and were being transported to Turkey in trucks.

Workers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Finance Ministry’s Revenue Service jointly discovered the huge haul while searching the two trucks.

The authorities found a total amount of 2.79 tonnes of liquid heroin distributed into 93 30kg barrels.

The Forensic Service said the drugs contained 80 percent pure heroin, which has a street value of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Both men at the centre of the saga are being investigated for illegally trafficking drugs.