Seasonal travellers enjoy flights to Mestia

Its ancient churches and forts form a UNESCO World Heritage site., 03 Jul 2014 - 18:43, Tbilisi,Georgia

Travellers wanting to enjoy Georgia’s mountainous regions this summer can soon enjoy the benefits of a direct flight that departs from a village near the capital city and travels directly to Mestia.

Flights from Natakhtari, a small town near Tbilisi, to Svaneti in western Georgia are due to launch this month with Service Air airline. Tickets will cost 50 to 70 GEL, local media outlet reported.

Mestia is a small ski town located 1,500m high in the Caucasus mountain range in northwest Georgia. Its ancient churches and forts form a UNESCO World Heritage site. Mestia and the surrounding area is one of Georgia’s most popular tourist destinations.

United Airports of Georgia are expecting twice the amount of visitors to spend time in Mestia this year. About 14,800 tourists visited the area in 2013. A large number of tourists were from Poland, Israel, Russia, Ukraine and Germany, the agency said. calculated tourists spent about 50-60 GEL in Mestia each day. There are seven hotels and two hostels in the town. Their prices range from 15 to 20 GEL per night, without food costs included. If meals are included, prices can vary from 35 to 50 GEL.

The most expensive hotel is Tetnuldi and cost 140 GEL per night.

Mestia has a uniquely designed airport which recently was named among the top 10 most beautiful airports in the world by BBC Culture.