New wave of Georgian soldiers prepare to serve in Afghanistan

The 23rd Battalion of Georgian Armed Forces will replace 31st Batalion in Helmand Province., 02 May 2014 - 17:36, Tbilisi,Georgia

Official responsibilities of Georgian soldiers participating in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan have been handed over to the next wave of Georgian troops set to serve in the region.

A handing over ceremony of responsibilities was performed today in Afghanistan's Helmand province, where the soldiers are currently deployed.

The 31st Battalion of III Infantry Brigade of the Georgian Armed Forces has handed over security responsibilities to the 23rd Battalion of II Infantry Brigade at camp Leatherneck.

The 23rd Battalion will take part in the ISAF mission for the next six months under the command of US forces in the Helmand province.

The main task of the Georgian military servicemen will be to neutralize insurgent forces, support development of the local government and Afghan National Security Forces, control security zones and interact with the US Marine Forces.

Among the guests invited at the ceremony were Commanding General of Regional Command Southwest Brigadier General Daniel Yoo, Commander of Task Force Belleau Wood COL Peter Baumgarten and IJC Commander Lieutenant-General Joseph Anderson.

The performance of the 31st Battalion, which have finished serving in the ISAF mission, was positively assessed by the Coalition Forces leadership.

Different military and humanitarian activities of the Battalion led to the maximum restriction and lowest possibility of raids by insurgent forces. The Battalion also helped improve the level of security of the local population and increased credibility towards the Allied Forces, Afghan National Security Forces and the local government.

Before being deployed to Afghanistan, the 23rd Battalion underwent six months of intensive preparation at the National Training Centre "Krtsanisi”. The soldiers were trained to conduct a variety of operations such as protection, searching, cleaning, cordon and convoy procedures as well as evacuating wounded people.

They also adopted the skills to communicate with members of the local population and leaders. 

The Battalion personnel underwent military trainings in the US Joint Multinational Readiness Centre (JMRC) in Hohenfels, Germany. The level of preparation of the soldiers was positively assessed both by the Centre`s experts and the US Marine Forces Training and Advisory Group.