Public Service Hall paralysed

The demaged Public Service Hall in Tbilisi (Photo: InterPressNews)), 03 Dec 2013 - 00:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Public Service Hall, the governmental agency which provides a variety of public services, has stopped working due to the strong storm that damaged the roof of the building on the Right Bank of Tbilisi, the capital city.

The building is evacuated by the employees. According to the press center for the Ministry of Justice, the minister Tea Tsulikiani appealed to employees for the evacuation of building.

"For the safety of the employees and the people who would visit for the service, the Minister has made the decision to evacuate the building, said the Head of Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Justice Mariam Skhiladze.

The cold and humid air masses are moving from the North over the Georgian territory, which means the weather will be worsening until night, according to the weather station. However, the rough weather will begin improving from tomorrow morning till December 8.