Forbes: “Georgia (The Country) Is On Everyone’s Mind Thanks To This Viral Facebook Group”

Katskhi pillar. Man's monastery near the village of Katskhi. Photo:GETTY., Jul 30, 2019, Tbilisi, Georgia

Forbes has published an article responding to the viral Facebook campaign launched by Georgian users named ‘Spend Your Summer in Georgia.’

Article author Breanna Wilson says this is not her first love letter to Georgia. “Last year I called Tbilisi one of the most exciting cities in the world,” she says.

Breanna Wilson writes that ‘the Facebook group Spend your Summer in Georgia became the region’s best travel campaign of the summer.’

Started by five Georgians, the page went viral overnight. With more than 275,000 members to date, I can’t scroll through my Facebook feed without being taunted by the deliciousness of khinkali, mesmerized by the beauty of traditional Georgian dance,’ the article reads.

The author reports on the ways to travel to Georgia providing the five tours to do it.

The public campaign - Spend your summer in Georgia aims at boosting the image of Georgia and attracting more visitors via showing the world the tourism potential of the country.

10-day Transcaucasian Georgia Hiking tours. Photo: WORLD EXPEDITIONS.

Georgians launched a social campaign named Spend Your Summer in Georgia after Russian President Vladimir Putin banned flights to Georgia and called on all Russian tourists to return to their country. 

Russian President Putin banned flights after Georgians protested Russian MPs’ visit in Georgia to participate in the 26th Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy on June 20.

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