Pharmacy drug addiction case: one detained for assistance in receiving bribes in large quantities, 4 Dec 2018 - 17:25, Tbilisi,Georgia

Deputy Director of Ltd. Regional Healthcare Center Nugzar J. has been detained for assistance in receiving bribes in large quantities for the Head of the State Regulatory Agency for Medical Activities of the Ministry of Health of Georgia Gia Tvalavadze.

The Georgian State Security Service has reported that Tvalavadze was covering for the illegal sale of psychotropic drugs in several pharmacies and the pharmacy owners and directors paid him a monthly bribe with the help of Nugzar J,

The officers of the Anti-corruption Agency of the State Security Service brought 21 individuals to criminal justice for the case in September 2018.

The income through the illegal entrepreneurial activities and the sale of psychotropic medications without prescription amounted to an estimated GEL 4,094,709, the State Security Service says.

The investigation established that the illegal sale of psychotropic substances was carried out in pharmacies in Tbilisi and Gori. The directors and actual owners of the mentioned pharmacies, aiming at receiving private material gain, conducted the sale of the psychotropic medications...without authorisation and through breach of permission conditions, as a result of which they received income in large quantities,” the State Security Service stated.

The investigation is ongoing.