Education minister nominee says Georgia will offer more programmes for foreign students

The candidate for education minister said that a mentor programme will be launched in September, in which successful professionals and specialists will share their experience with pupils., 13 Jul 2018 - 18:26, Tbilisi,Georgia

The candidate for education minister Mikheil Batiashvili told lawmakers today that he will work to bring the Georgian education ministry in line with European standards and almost all education programmes should be offered to foreign students.

Georgia should transform itself as a regional centre of education. We should offer almost all types of education programmes to foreign students which is important for the country’s foreign image as well as for the state economy,” Batiashvili stated and said that he will present a Georgian education system development strategy in the coming days, which will be drafted with the involvement of professionals.

Batiashvili believes that a  major aim of the authorisation and accreditation of the higher education institutions  should be establishment of European standards. 

Batiashvili says that the state should act not only as the supervisor of the education quality in the country, but also as a supporter which will offer opportunities for the development of the education system.

The candidate also spoke about the importance of the involvement of Georgian scientists in international studies.