Author Zurab Karumidze’s novel unveiled in German, showcased at Frankfurt Book Fair

7 Nov 2017 - 16:46

  • Georgian author Zurab Karumidze's newest novel was published in Germany in September. Photo: Weidle Verlag., 7 Nov 2017 - 16:46, Tbilisi,Georgia

German-speaking readers now have the opportunity to get their hands on Georgian author Zurab Karumidze's fiction work Dagny, or a Love Feast, following the book's release and its presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair last month.

An eclectic novel involving a maze of characters from different eras in the multi-cultural setting of Georgia's capital, the work was part of the Georgian program at the largest international literary event.

Selected for the Dublin International Literary Award longlist in 2012, the novel initially appeared in English, as its author intended the work for non-Georgian speaking audiences.

It became available to literature enthusiasts in German following its publishing by Weidle Verlag in September.

It would almost be easier to enumerate what is not in this novel, because Zurab Karumidze has packed everything into his great postmodern game", said the German-based publishing house in its summary for the work.

Translated from English by Stefan Weidle, Dagny, or a Love Feast also became a subject of interest of German public broadcasting radio Deutschlandfunk last week.

In a feature by Olga Hochweis, the novel was presented to the audience of the station via comments by Karumidze, who guided the culture reviewer through Tbilisi in their recent meeting.

In Dagny, or a Love Feast Karumidze collides figures of contemporary history that have never met each other: the Greek-Armenian mystic Gurdjieff as well as the Georgian folk poet Vazha-Pshavela or the young Stalin", said the feature piece.

The newly translated novel appeared among dozens of translations of works by Georgian authors at the Frankfurt fair that ran from October 11-15.

Zurab Karumidze has authored novels, short stories and collections, with his literary work on jazz winning the Georgian literary award Saba. He has also edited essays on politics and culture in his country.