Human rights action plan, wind, solar power plant projects, combating poaching among topics discussed by Gov’t meeting

A weekly Government meeting on Monday discussed 21 issues. Photo: Gov't Administration., 25 Dec 2023 - 17:01, Tbilisi,Georgia

A weekly Government meeting on Monday discussed 21 issues including the draft human rights action plan for 2024-2026, creation of a unified national register for  reproduction, launch of wind and solar power plant projects and efforts to combat poaching.

The human rights plan aims to strengthen institutional democracy, ensure equal conditions for civil, political, social, cultural and economic rights as well as of the policy of equality and care for citizens affected by the occupation, the Government Administration said.

By approving the document, the Government of Georgia once again confirms its commitment to the protection of human rights and basic freedoms - which, in turn, implies consistent and continuous conduct of systematic and long-term policy of human rights protection”, the body said.

The bill for reproductive area requires all institutions providing services with assisted reproductive technologies to reflect information on reproduction-related work in a unified national register. 

Ensuring traceability of used tissues, cells, embryos, related data and materials in contact is the purpose of the bill, the Administration said, adding 19 institutions were currently providing services with assisted reproductive technologies. 

The change comes into force from January.

The meeting also reviewed the following upcoming projects of wind and solar power plants in Georgian regions:

  • A wind power plant in western Imereti region with installed capacity of 103.5 megawatts, output of 362 million kWh and investment $130 million 
  • A wind power plant in Shida Kartli region, with installed capacity of 43.4 MW, output of 148 million kWh and investment of $25.25 million
  • A solar power plant in Imereti with an estimated output of 10.295 million kWh and investment of $4.797 million 

The Administration said feasibility studies of all three projects were underway.

The members of the Government supported draft amendments to the Code of Administrative Offences and the Law on Weapons with the purpose of increasing effectiveness of the work for combating poaching.

A bill on the creation and management of the Guria National Park in the country’s west was also discussed, with the body revealing the protected area would be created on the territory of Chokhatauri and Ozurgeti municipalities and cover 15,310 hectares. 

The period between January 3-5 will be a nationwide holiday for those employed in administrative bodies, following a decision of Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, the Administration announced following the meeting.