PM hails Gov’t efforts to “avert gravest adversity” for nation, citizens

Pointing to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the PM claimed “radical groups and hostile forces” were “actively seeking” to push Georgia into the war. Photo: Government press office, 18 Dec 2023 - 16:09, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili on Monday claimed his office had averted “gravest adversity for the nation and its citizens” with policies “grounded solely in their interests” over the past year. 

Presenting this end-of-year report of the Government's accomplishments, Garibashvili claimed “by steering clear of conflict, we adeptly guided our country toward peace” throughout the year.

Emphasising the significance of decision-making “aligned with national interests”, the head of the Government contrasted the former Government's “irresponsibility” and failures in 2008 in preventing war with Russia, and asserted the conflict would have been prevented under the rule of Bidzina Ivanishvili - the founder of the ruling party and former PM - and current authorities. 

Pointing to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the PM claimed “radical groups and hostile forces” were “actively seeking” to push Georgia into the war. 

The threat was undeniably real. It was not a product of imagination. The danger involved the potential destabilisation of our nation. [However, the Government's] decisions have consistently been guided by the paramount interests of our nation and its people”, he said. 

Noting he was “not under any illusion that these risks had been entirely eliminated”, the PM claimed the Government “approach these risks with the utmost caution and intelligence, identifying threats, implementing appropriate precautions and safeguarding the population of our country".

He said the ongoing war in Ukraine had made a “profound impact” on established global norms and the order that had evolved following the Second World War and, later, the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The PM stressed the “devastating conflict in Ukraine persists, with 20 percent of its territory now under Russian occupation. The relentless nature of this war has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, prompting millions to flee Ukraine - both internally and externally”. 

Approximately 10 million Ukrainians have sought refuge beyond their borders, while an equal number have been displaced within their own country. This is an immense tragedy that has befallen our Ukrainian friends”, he said. 

Emphasising his Government's “maximum support” to the war-torn country and measures for assisting the “numerous refugees”, Garibashvili said it was “imperative to recognise that the repercussions of this war are reshaping the fundamental principles upon which the world has rested”.

The Prime Minister added there was a “palpable attempt to alter the existing world order, and the outcome of this conflict remains uncertain”.