British consulting company’s President visits Tbilisi airport to evaluate its annual services, quality

Edward Plaisted, the President of the British consulting company Skytrax in Tbilisi. Photo: TAV Georgia, 14 Sep 2023 - 20:40, Tbilisi,Georgia

Edward Plaisted, the President of the British consulting company Skytrax, on Thursday visited Tbilisi International Airport in the Georgian capital city for the third time to evaluate the airport's annual services and quality, TAV Georgia, the company operating Tbilisi and Batumi airports announced. 

Plaisted got acquainted with the projects implemented during the past year and heard detailed information from the management of TAV Georgia, the company said.

This year, Tbilisi International Airport was ranked among the top five airports in Eastern Europe by Skytrax. This recognition by Skytrax reflects a significant increase in airport quality and service efficiency and underscores the importance of year-round infrastructure projects for airport development”, TAV Georgia said.

It added that “this year, at the Skytrax World Airport Awards 2023 held in Amsterdam, Batumi International Airport, also managed by TAV Georgia, was included in the top ten airports of Eastern Europe. Batumi International Airport was included in this category for the second time, and Tbilisi - for the tenth time in a row".

Skytrax is an influential British consulting company, which has been researching and evaluating service quality at airports and airlines around the world for many years.