Absence of “any evidence” of Russia using Georgia to evade sanctions “important” for country - opposition MP

Opposition MP Khatia Dekanoidze on Thursday said “no evidence” has been presented so far Russia could use Georgia to evade international sanctions imposed on it. Photo: Parliament press office

Agenda.ge, 29 Jun 2023 - 13:13, Tbilisi,Georgia

Khatia Dekanoidze, an opposition MP in the Georgian Parliament, on Thursday said the “absence of any evidence” that Russia could use Georgia to evade international sanctions imposed on it for invading Ukraine last year was “definitely important” for the country.

The MP’s comments came following the visit of David O’Sullivan, the European Union Sanctions Envoy, James O'Brien, the Head of the Office of Sanctions Coordination in the United States President Joe Biden administration, and Kumar Iyer, the Director General for Economics, Science and Technology at the United Kingdom Foreign Office earlier this week. 

Hailing the visit of the sanctions officials as “significant”, the former leader of the United National Movement opposition party said the country’s authorities needed to focus on prevention of flow of electronic goods to Russia, and noted the visiting officials also raised the issue in meetings with Georgian officials and lawmakers. 

In his press comments on Wednesday, O’Sullivan said during his meetings with Georgian officials on Monday and Tuesday he had been “convinced” that the country’s Government was “seriously” determined not to allow circumvention of the sanctions by Russia. 

He also highlighted “positive impressions” after the meetings, and noted he was “impressed” by the measures the Government had taken against sanctions evasion. 

Iyer, for his part, said he was “truly grateful” for the steps taken by the Georgian Government “so far” to prevent the circumvention of sanctions imposed on Russia.