Georgian woman gives birth to 11th child via seventh C-section

  • Rusudan Meskhi gave birth to her 11th child on January 7. Photo: Rusudan Meskhi's Facebook page, 12 Jan 2022 - 19:32, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian woman Rusudan Meskhi has given birth to an 11th child via a seventh C-section, the Health Federation of Georgia reported yesterday.

Meskhi, 36, reportedly has had four children via physiological birth and seven via C-section.

She gave birth to her 11th child, a son named Damiane, on January 7, the day Georgian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas.

Meskhi was discharged from hospital the fourth day after giving birth, while the baby remains under medical surveillance.

The baby was born preterm at 36 weeks of gestation but is said to be doing well.