Georgian minister: gov’t “actively working” on EU conditions, opposition joining process would be “good”

In his remarks over the matter, Shamugia noted the country would “definitely” receive the status. Photo: Government Administration, 15 Nov 2022 - 12:25, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian agriculture minister Otar Shamugia on Tuesday said the government was “actively working” to fulfil the European Union’s conditions for granting the country the membership candidate status, adding it would be “good” if the domestic opposition joined this process.

In his remarks over the matter, Shamugia noted the country would “definitely” receive the status. 

All elements, both the parliament and the relevant government agencies, are actively involved in the process of fulfilling each point of the EU recommendations, and in this process we are actively cooperating with the EU. I am sure that all the recommendations, which are provided for the country to receive the candidate status, will be fulfilled by us”, Shamugia said.

The government official stressed it was “necessary” to have “active” involvement of both the government and the opposition in this process.

The government is ready for this - we have repeatedly stated that we are ready to jointly implement the recommendations of the European Union. It is all in our common interest, it is in the interest of our country, and I think that the involvement of the opposition would be really positive in the process - although, of course [the decision] is up to them”, he concluded.

On June 24, the European Council granted the membership candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova, and said it would be ready to grant the same status to Georgia once the outstanding priorities outlined by the European Commission would be addressed by the Georgian government.