Three Georgian filmmakers in DOK Leipzig co-production programme

A still from 'Kartli', a documentary project by Julien Pebrel and Tamar Kalandadze. Photo via, 19 Sep 2022 - 16:09, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian film directors Tamar Kalandadze, Dea Tcholokava and Gvantsa Meparishvili will be among cinema professionals looking to find financing and co-production partners at the upcoming co-production programme of the DOK Leipzig film festival next month.

The three filmmakers will bring their latest project to the event that will return to fully in-person format after the Covid-19 pandemic forced adoption of a hybrid form last year. The industry event will bring together directors, producers, agents and other professionals as the festival itself launches in the German city.

Kalandadze, the co-director of Kartli with Julien Pebrel, has seen the French-Georgian co-production selected for the programme with its documentary look at a dilapidated sanatorium in Tbilisi housing internally displaced families from Georgia's conflict-affected regions.

[D]ozens of Georgian families, refugees from the Abkhazian conflict (1992-93), settled [at the sanatorium] 30 years ago, fleeing the shore of the Black Sea to find refuge, as if by the irony of fate, on the shore of Tbilisis Zgva, the "Sea of Tbilisi", the artificial lake facing the sanatorium


In her turn, Tcholokava will pitch her The Mud Princess at the gathering of industry professionals, while Boxes from Georgia, a work by Meparishvili that was picked by Baltic Sea Docs in July, has also found its spot in the selection featuring projects from 32 countries and drawn up from 262 initial submissions.