Second Georgian Defence Forces aircraft repaired by local industry takes flight

An Su-25 of the Georgian Defence Forces in flight after undergoing repair at Tbilaviamsheni facilities. Photo via Ministry of Defence., 13 Apr 2021 - 16:28, Tbilisi,Georgia

The second Su-25 ground attack aircraft repaired by local professionals took flight on Tuesday, the Ministry of Defence of Georgia revealed, as an initiative to restore and modernise Georgian Defence Forces air fleet by local industry is ongoing.

Following the flight of the first restored Su-25 last month, the next aircraft took off for its test flight on schedule. The Tbilaviamsheni and Delta companies are cooperating to launch a repaired aircraft from the fleet each month.

The MoD said the updated aircraft represented a modification fit for both combat and training purposes. Personnel for operating the machines - involving both pilots and ground crews - is also undergoing retraining both locally and in partner countries, the ministry added.

In addition to the repair and update of air assets, pilots and ground crews are undergoing retraining in Georgia and abroad. Photo via Ministry of Defence.

Taking the flight at the Tbilaviamsheni airfield, the ground attack aircraft was observed by Colonel Sergo Ninua, Commander of Aviation and Air Defence Command of the GDF.

The initiative for repairing the GDF air fleet was launched last year by then-defence minister Irakli Garibashvili, with the repair of the aircraft commenced in August and slated to be completed by the end of 2022.

The assets are undergoing "capital", or thorough, repair as well as modernisation work at the Tbilaviamsheni facilities, with the work on Su-25s to be followed by rehabilitation of armed forces' L-39 jets, Mi-24 attack helicopters and UH-1 utility helicopters.